Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Almost Finished!

Yesterday I chose the base fabric for my row house pins. The next step was embellishing the fabric and stitching all over it with Sulky Sliver Thread. Then the embroidery machine did its work! I still have to trim the threads from the edges of the houses. Have a look:
Before stitching

Before cutting out and snipping threads!
Ready for the backs. I use recycled leather and suede
for the backs of my wearable art pins.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fabric Selection

Today I selected several pieces of bright coloured fabric from my stash. The time has come to make a few more Wearable Art Pins: Row Houses. My supply has dwindled and I need more.

Hopefully, I'll get a start on actually doing the surface embellishments tomorrow. Anyway, have a look at the fabrics I pulled out and the one I finally selected. Since the pins are small, I try to start with a bright base. Then small bits and pieces of shiny, glitzy stuff are laid on the surface of the fabric. I keep the scale of the art pins in mind so that the yarns and other embellishments don't over power the end result.

Sulky Totally Stable Iron-on Tear-Away Stabilizer is ironed to the back of the fabric. This product is a tear-away stabilizer that provides support, and prevents puckering. It's perfect for applique, decorative stitching, buttonholes, delicate fabrics, quilt templates, and more. I like it because it is quick to iron on the back of my fabric and is perfect for the free motion stitching I do on the fabric surface.

Check back to see the next steps.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Eggs (separating egg yolk)

Happy Easter!

One of my friends sent me this YouTube Video on a very cool way to separate egg yolk. It is well worth a look. I will be trying this the next time I need to do this.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fabric Flowers

It's suppose to be spring! However, today we had a light sprinkle of snow, then freezing rain and finally rain. Certainly not weather for growing flowers. My poor crocuses! I noticed that one of the houses further up my street set up their Christmas lawn ornaments again - yes, the weather has been that bad.

So, I figure, if the garden isn't up to producing blooms yet, why not make some from fabric.
I found a few ideas to check out.
Here's a small wall hanging I did a number of years ago called Thistles. It's from Fabled Flowers by Kumiko Sudo. I believe this was my first attempt at Sashiko stitching.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eye Candy!

This is a short post but I wanted to share some wonderful eye candy with you. Check out the winners from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, Hampton, Virginia.  The quilts are just gorgeous!

I also found it HERE on YouTube.

If you don't have the opportunity to visit any quilt shows, the next best thing can be found right on your computer! Take a few minutes to 'stroll' through the following videos:
  • Houston Quilt Festival 2013 - Art Quilts - Part 1
  • Houston Quilt Festival 2013 - Art Quilts - Part 2 - Japanese Quilts
  • SAQA Exhibit - Seasonal Palette - 2012
  • Festival of Quilts 2013 - Birmingham UK - Pictorial Quilts - Part 1
  • Festival of Quilts 2013 - Birmingham UK - Pictorial Quilts - Part 2
  • Festival of Quilts 2012 - Birmingham UK - SAQA - "Masters" with . . .

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sewing Portifolio (2)

Sharon Boggon, from Pintangle, posted about What is a Hussif . I'm not going to rewrite what she has written as you can visit her blog to do that. She has made her own hussif in the crazy quilting / embroidery style. I, too have been interested in making sewing cases for carrying my stitching project supplies. A few years ago, I designed and created my very own and entered it in a show. It sold! Then, of course, I had to make another one for myself.

Closed, it measures 8" x 12" and when opened, it is 12" x 25". I used Bali Batiks for this project with nylon window screen used for the inside pockets. Some machine embroidery has been added to the pocket edges with variegated embroidery thread. I considered using fabric for the pockets but then I would never know what's inside them. As you can see, the front has been embellished with some of my Fantasy Fish. A magnetic bag clasp keeps it together. I added a length of green Velcro along one fold to hold small things such as a glue stick. The cotton threads are strung on a cord with a plastic toggle which keeps the threads from sliding off. There is a place for most of my small sewing / embroidery gadgets and supplies!

I did post about this same project in 2010. However, this post has more close up photos.

The back of sewing portfolio with another pocket

Nylon window screen is used for inside pockets.

Note the clasp on cord to hold small pair of scissors and the
toggle on the cord beneath the threads,

The edges of the nylon window screen are embroidered

Velcro is used so needle case, pincushion and holder can be removed

Fold over pocket

Velcro stuck to the glue

Friday, April 11, 2014

More Temari Ornaments

More photos of the Japanese Temari Ornaments. Here are several views of the same ball.


This one belongs to another lady in our mini group.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Transfer Paints

My friend and I spent the day experimenting with Transprint Inks by Kraftkolour. These Inks are concentrated Disperse Dyes for use on man made fibres such as polyester, nylon and poly cotton blend fabrics for transfer printing. I've used them before but not for awhile. The dyes were painted onto copy paper with various sizes of brushes, sponge brushes and stamps. After the painted papers were dry, we transferred the images by ironing with a hot iron onto poly cotton, Lutradur, organza and drapery interfacing.

Some of the colours were quite intense when transferred while others were not. I have the book, Color Moves, Transfer Paints on Fabric by Linda Kemshall. This is a very comprehensive book on using transfer paints. To date, I haven't used any transfer painted fabric in any specific project. I can see using some hand / machine stitching in combination with a transferred image.
Front Cover
Here's a few photos from today's experiments:

Drapery Interfacing


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Japanese Temari Balls

My friend has been busy making more Japanese Temari Balls. So far, she has made over 80 different ones. These are fantastic! Have a look.
Check out my other posts on Temari HERE & HERE.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Row Houses

Last evening I found some half finished Row Houses. Today was spent completing them. The last thing I did was embroider small flowers on the bushes. These will be framed in 4" x 6" black metal frames and taken down to the Craft Council of NL shop, Devon House.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Foggy Rock Fibres

Yesterday, at Some Good Market, I swapped one of my Fibre Art Pendants for this gorgeous skein of hand painted wool & mohair yarn! Anne Lucas, Foggy Rock Fibres, always has such unique coloured yarns. I will be using some of this in my next felting project. Thanks Anne.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

$ Shop Find

My quilting friends sometimes ask if I still find good 'stuff ' at the $ Shop. A couple years ago at Quilt Guild, I would share my finds during Tips & Tools. Well, I found another great little quilt / craft tool, Craft Clamps, at Buck or Two the other day. There are 6 clamps with a really good grip for $1.50. The tips and hand grip are molded rubbery plastic and so do not slip off easily. I've looked at Clovers Wonder Clips but opted not to purchase them. As I don't quilt in the traditional sense, I thought they were rather pricy for just occasional use. These craft clamps will do the trick of holding any fabric project I will do!

I did find a blog post at Sew Fearless, about the Clover Wonder Clips versus Binder Clips. It's worth a read. There's also a product review of Clover's Wonder Clips HERE at Lazy Girl Designs.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bunny Treat Bags

A few days ago, in my post, Where's Spring, I listed a few spring / Easter projects to view. Well, I thought the Bunny Treat Bags were so cute that I decided to make a few. They are small and light weight so are easy and inexpensive to mail. Just don't fill them! Someone else can do that. Don't the colours just ooze Spring?

The last photo is a view out the back patio door - more like Christmas than spring which brings up the possibility of turning these into reindeer treat bags. Just change the colours and the ears! I'm sure there are other animals with distinctive ears to use as well? Think about it . . .